Swimming Pool Decking Overlays

The decking around your pool is an important element that should complement your pool and add to your enjoyment of it. Decorative Concrete is a fast, affordable way to refinish your poolside area using a combination of textures, colors, and sealers.  With nearly limitless options from textures to patterns or a natural stone finish, your poolside decking will look amazing!

Below are some samples to help with ideas, but the best way to get started it to call us now to schedule an in-person meeting and estimate for your swimming pool renovation!

Pool Decking Overlay Textures

Lace Texture

Stencils or tape are used to mask patterns and are usually finished with flagstone or paving brick appearances.


The knockdown finish features sprayed concrete that is then ‘knocked down’ to a two-level texture that resembles marbling. This layered effect makes it seem cooler in the sun due to air circulating under the feet.

Stamped Concrete

Similar to the Lace texture in appearance with brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, or cobblestone styles. Stamped Concrete utilizes stamping tools & textures to create decorative imprints. and can be colored.

Pool Decking Overlay Patterns

A wide variety of patterns are available that can be combined to achieve amazing effects.

There is no limit to what we can do to match your architecture and other landscapes/hardscapes. Call Pools Infinite today and let us make your pool yours again!