Common Questions

How long does it take to build a Swimming Pool?

The time lapse from start to finish on a swimming pool can vary from size, and 4 features attached to the pool, Pools Infinite recommends to wait 30 days before it can be plastered with the final finish, after gunite shooting to allow Cement to completely dry and be stable to hold the weight of the water to avoid cracks or plaster failure.

What is best Chlorine or Salt?

Chlorine Pools: Chlorine tablets have been the traditional means for pool cleanliness for over 50 years. They became the traditional standard because the technology and available disinfectant has made these pools easier to clean and maintain. They rely on chlorine tablets to clean and disinfect the pool water from germs, bacteria and algae. The tablets are dispersed into either an external chemical feeder that’s installed near your pool equipment or an in-pool floating disbursement device.

Salt Pools:

A salt water pool isn’t better than a chlorine pool because it IS a chlorine pool. A saltwater pool system is the same thing as a salt “chlorine” generator/salt water chlorinator. Saltwater pools electrically convert the pool salt into chlorine. It’s the chlorine that keeps the pool water clean just like the chlorine you buy in buckets. However, some users claim that Salt water pool feel much softer on eyes and skin, it does not irritates as much as chlorine. Also salt Chlorine generators price tag starts from $800.00+ not including installation, it does not include the cost for the low voltage transformer. Considering these factor make your choice.