Swimming Pool And Spa Design And Installation

Swimming Pool And Spa Design And Installation

Everyone has their own style and your pool design should be a reflection of your
personality. Picking the right pool shape is one of the first elements in determining the end result for your backyard oasis.

Free Form:

In contrast to geometric pools, freeform pool shapes are those which take on any curvilinear form–it has no set rules or shapes. This option is optimal for small spaces and those wanting natural-like character. Due to the lagoon style that freeform pools provide, adding lush landscaping throughout your backyard can enhance the overall appearance. While Some companies refer to freeform pools as higher price tag can often become less than a geometric pool due to amount of Gunite used. Freeform or “natural” pool is a style that often incorporates gentle, flowing curves and design elements that mimic nature. To enhance the cozy and relaxed environment, a free form pool design often uses natural boulders, flagstones and landscaping that exemplifies the tranquility of a private pond oasis but in your backyard.

  • Perfect for small spaces
  • More customization options
  • Makes a boxy yard appear larger.
  • Gives off a modern feel
  • Better suited for blocked off tanning areas
  • Naturalistic appearance


The type of pool that you choose is primarily driven by the location of the pool and your style preference. Pools Infinite personally recommends For a small, rectangular lot, a rectangular pool is going to fit nicely. If you have an easement or setback from your property line, and your property is square, a rectangular pool will allow you to maximize your space, with your pool as close as possible to the easement to allow for more pool deck and outdoor space.

Geometric pools are those which take on a specific shape such as a rectangle, Roman or square with straight edges and sharp lines. If you’re looking for a formal or more contemporary feel, geometric pools are a perfect fit. Elegant straight lines are always noticeable, Typically, geometric pools are designed in a rectangular shape. However, for someone wanting a more modern look with the same traditional appeal, choosing another shape such as a Roman (Ogee Shaped ends) can provide such Appeal.

  • The benefits of a Geometric are:
  • Even a small pool on area will give the owner a large swimming area.
  • The lines are clean and fancy.
  • Elegancy and calm feel.
  • Automatic cleaners can run flawless and much more efficient.